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Sunday, 17 January 2010


I have the WOOL-FACTOR

This is my entry to Felix's Fabulous January 2010 BIG FREEZE Ravelry Projects Snowcase Contest™, (AKA WOOL-FACTOR**). I am wearing ten lovely handkitted items and carrying another. I know, four knitted tops, but I'm really comfortable and not squished at all. I'd probably wear a pullover instead of the UKtanktop/USvest on a very cold day, but otherwise it's accurate. :)

And it's not overkill, I swear! I almost made a shawl into a skirt, but decided that WOULD be overkill, and besides which, not warm enough. :)

Everyone go enter before all the snow melts!


Sadie said...

I don't think I have knitted enough clothes to come anywhere close to you, although I have regularly been wearing handknitted hat, gloves, scarf (well, 8-foot merino/cashmere blend Clapotis which doubles as a hood), cardigan and socks!

Besides, all the snow seems to have gone here, hurrah!

Liz said...

Eep, you've definitely got the wool factor! Beats my paltry 8!