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Wednesday, 8 August 2007

Wow! I'm so behind on this due to the busy busy, but then I saw that the CRAFT blog had scooped me, oh noes!

Felix, one of the lovely members of the Oxford Bluestockings, has started the Knitted Walking Stick Cozy Competition, and you, all five readers of my blog, three of whom already know about it (I knid, I have no idea who reads this blog!) are about to receive the info!

The Knitted Walking Stick Cosy Competition 2007

Inspired by the dignifying powers of health-related knitting projects everywhere, The Missability Radio Show is organising a walking stick cosy knitting competition. With your great ideas, knitting skills and visionary powers, we can create a richly diverse collection of variations on the standard appearance of an ordinary grey walking stick.

Go here to see the superfantastic website, and to read all about the competition, which I get to be a judge of! meep!


jacicita said...

That is super cool! I saw it on CRAFT, but I didn't read it closely enough to see that it was Oxamaford :)

the frog princess said...

It didn't say Oxamafordy, it said UK, so you are forgiven. :)