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Sunday, 25 May 2008

baby stuff ahoy!

I have a niece on the way (my first! how exciting!) and I finally get to knit baby things! First on my to-do list was Elizabeth Zimmermann's Baby Surprise Jacket.

I am a bit anal about stripes, so first I chose three colours of Rowan Wool Cotton, then I sat down with a spreadsheet of all the rows and worked out how many I needed of each colour to achieve a perfect striping pattern of delight.


After that, knitting it was a breeze! Ignore the part where I ran out of green on the last stripe and had to cut it two rows short. :)

baby surprise jacket

Edited to add another project I've been working on but have neglected to blog about. :)

These are my Spice Girl Snocks, nothing to do with the band, and everything to do with Yarnissima.

cableless firestarter

The pattern is Firestarter, but quite obviously without cables! I always admired Yarnissima's basic sock pattern, which shows up in her Spice Boy pattern, and I sort of un-vented the Firestarter pattern to reproduce it. It makes it look as though you have a hole in your foot! :D


-A said...

that is a wonderful jacket! great work!!! makes me wish i had a wee one to knit for... :)

how long did it take you?

Felix said...

that's one of the nicest baby surprise jackets I've seen. Really gorgeous! And the socks are very beautiful also... I'll be checking out that pattern very soon!

Steph said...

Oh, the jacket is adorable! I love the colours you chose!

Kirsty said...

That is an absolutely delectable Baby Surprise- your stripe planning was very nicely judged!

Moggle said...

Fab BSJ! I love the colours you have used.
Great sockies too.