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Saturday, 27 December 2008

not quite the world's most expensive fibre but close

Then there was this hat, made out of a Oomingmak Cap Kit, which my parents bought in Alaska year before last.

Qiviut is surprisingly inelastic for an animal fibre, feeling more like cotton in the hands than wool. (It may have just been this yarn's properties, however, as I have seen very graceful, fuzzy Qiviut.

I made the cap for my husband, who wore it on a couple of very cold hikes we took in the Peak District in late October.

archie on the viaduct

The darn thing has grown so much that I will be forced to pull it out and re-knit it smaller. This has been a problem with all the hats knit for my husband, I think he's starting to think all hand knits behave this way...

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