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Thursday, 1 January 2009

Second Most Popular

I've been been slowly working away on the t-shirt quilt. My previous post about the quilt is the second most popular on this blog after the one about flapjacks. Kinda makes me wonder why two of my non-knitting posts are the most popular? I won't dwell on it... really.

So, I've been slogging away on my quilt, which has involved attempting to measure and cut the t-shirts into reasonably rectangular pieces using only a plain ruler and a fabric pencil.

And dealing with t-shirts which, once they'd had their interfacing ironed on, weren't quite square.

not square

Thankfully, a friend lent me a rotary cutter, self-healing mat, and see-through ruler. I cut all my t-shirt rectangles out at her house, then painstakingly calculated the sashing so that each square would be 16" - plus seam allowances. See, usually when you make a t-shirt quilt you cut all the t-shirts the same size. I have been randomly cutting out t-shirt fronts for the past six years without regard to their size, so I had a bit of a pickle to deal with.

quilt chart

I cut and cut and cut. Booring. And finally, last week, I began to sew.





*rip rip rip*

Today I ran out of thread, but I got this far:

half a quilt

And all the squares are sashed. Time to start thinking about backing fabric...


The Beauty Queen From Mars said...

Hi, I just recently finished a t-shirt quilt as a christmas present and one of my friends gave me a great idea for backing fabric that I thought I would pass on. She suggested that due to the large size, I use a sheet instead of sewing pieces of smaller material together. My sister donated a king size flannel sheet to my cause and it was more than big enough, and the flannel adds warmth. Good luck with your project!

Felix said...

What an amazing array of posts! It's like an explosion of joy all over your blog.

Your T-shirt quilt seems to be coming on really well. It looks great!

And I am loving your handspun adventures.