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Friday, 10 April 2009

turning japanese i think so

Moving on on the whole "everyone's having babies" thing, I've made some baby kimonos, for another coworker. I may give both or I may not, but they certainly didn't take long to make! I'd two linen skirts, one old, one new, and neither fit but the material was nice so I cut them up for this project!

blue kimono brown kimono

I know, the ties go different ways. I couldn't remember which was the "boy" way, so I just made one of each. :)

Here's a picture of the back, showing where the centre seam on the skirt was:
blue kimono back

And here they are together:

kimono set

The pattern is the Simple Kimono by Habitual: well written with lots of clear pictures. I'd make it again!


jacicita said...

super cute!

Liz said...

They look great - I've just downloaded the pattern, hopefully I'll have time to have a play with it this weekend.

Lara said...

Looking gorgeous - your co-workers will love them. Hurrah for continuing with your amazing sewing recycling things. Sorry I missed the sedar and hope it was fab. Lxxx

Anonymous said...

SO cute!!