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Tuesday, 21 September 2010

All the fun of amazing, crafty people

I had some people over to help me decorate baby clothing, and just look what they turned out! Some people have asked where I learned the freezer paper stencil technique from. I used this tutorial, but there are lots out there!

My creation

L-R from the top: 1. Toad, by Mikal 2 & 3. Boom box and Film camera by Abstar 4. Ducks in a row by Mootthing 5. Sun and Moon by S* 6. Tulips and Black Cat by Ruth 7. Owl by Liz 8. Ninja and Random Pattern by myself and my partner* 9. Die net and Totoro by C* and J*

*Let me know if you want your real names published or not!

Additionally (I am such a lucky girl!), two of my best buds in the states Jacicita and Kat sent me a care package with even MORE painted (and geeky!) baby clothes in! Woo! (Can you get all the references?)


And also got me this awesome baby book from Nikki McClure and made an amazingest nubbly bunny which I'm sure baby will love chewing on. :D


There is more baby-crafty goodness coming from me and friends. I just wanted to say, THANKS EVERYONE!!!


Anonymous said...

Those are all super-cool!! I think I like the frog, the ducklings, the FF hat, and *mischief managed* the best.

Liz said...

Yay! Freezer paper stencilling rocks!

Holly said...

Thanks for the tutorial link! I used that site to make the sheets for my little ones crib too. I've got to try this, I'd love to make some super cute onesies like these!