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Monday, 21 March 2011

Project Selvedge!

It's almost the deadline for entries into Project Selvedge - the opportunity to post a fabric on Spoonflower and eventually become a designer with Michael Miller! Oh to dream...

I decided I HAD to enter this contest, for which the first challenge is to design a "baby boy" fabric. Now, as the mother of a very small child, I can tell you there is nothing I hate more than simpering pastel blue and pink baby outfits. Oh no, not for my child, and not for my fabric! I'm drawing my palette of inspiration from these colours, which always get read as "boy" on my girl-child.


Of course then I turned around and saw this on my bookshelf:


I'd say it was a colour combo that was meant to be!

I've slowly been whittling away at my design, which is going to be northern North-America nature themed. (If you are in the top 10 of the first round, you move on to design four more coordinating boy fabrics.) This will include a fox fabric (probably foxes from above, perhaps combined with pin stripes?) and a polka dot with paw prints as some of the spots, oh yes.

Anyways, here's my entry in progress. I still need to finish the trees and the shadows, but the bears are pretty much done.

black bear boy fabric web

I'll let you know when voting opens! (On the 24th)


Kat said...

Ahhhh!!! Love this!

Felix said...

I love the North American theme and the artwork reminds me of the aesthetic of Sufjan Stevens' Michigan record:

I think your purple/green combo is beautiful though, and I love the way the bears glow and how pretty the pine trees are. I will vote for you!

Sarah said...

That design is awesome! I really do love it.

Helen said...

It's beautiful, Ellen! I like the north American theme and the link with your book collection - both things that remind me of you. :-) Felix - I know what you mean about Sufjan Steven's aesthetic.