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Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Oooh, not posted in ages, terrible I know!

And now I'm posting when I really ought to be in bed!

A quick recap of the last few months:

Kiddo is nine and a half months old! She's as old as a pregnancy! She keeps me busy.

The knitting I've been doing? Well, it's all gonna get ripped out. No point in knitting something in two colours if they're impossible to tell apart except in bright sunlight.

Sewing? Now we're talking!

Baby trousers: (Big Butt Baby Pants pattern)


A tutu for my niece: (I did make it bigger in the end, the niece is three!)


A sunsuit from the Made By Rae pattern: (Sadly it's been too cold for her to wear this!)

KCWC - Romper

Pyjamas, which I didn't manage to photograph together:

KCWC - Comfy Sleep Set TrousersDSC_0151.JPG

T-shirt and shorts for a swap: (t-shirt "happy animals" from Ottobre 3/11, shorts BBBP as above)


I'm so proud of my twin needle hem! Non serger knits sewing FTW!


My knitting group was featured in UK magazine The Knitter, and this was my contribution:


And I won a giveaway! Thanks Ali from VeryBerryHandmade!


Phew! And that's me mostly caught up!

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Anonymous said...

Gorgeous as usual!! And the magazine spread looks great!