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Sunday, 18 March 2012

Viewfinder Skirt

OK, it's been over six months since my last post. It's not like I haven't been a bit crafty, it's just that I was blessed with the Amazing Non-Sleeping Child. Recently said child has begun to sleep long periods at night, and even decent stretches of an hour+ at naptime. I can create again!

I have come to show you my newest creation, a skirt for me.

Ever since I saw this fabric from the Ruby Star Rising line by Melody Miller, I knew it would grace a skirt for me.


The pattern is a Vogue Elements jeans skirt from Way Back When - I bought it at least seven years ago. I'm awfully pleased with my fussy cutting on the hem.

I love the enormous pockets - great for holding a phone and tissues to wipe the ever runny toddler nose.


The inside hem is finished with this great hem facing tutorial I found over at Oliver + S. (The facing fabric happens to be an Oliver + S print too!)


I'm pretty chuffed with it.



Felicity Ford said...

I love it! The viewfinder fabric is extremely jolly, and I like how you have used it just in places, rather than making a whole skirt from it. The hem looks very pleasing and neat, and I am a massive advocate of ENORMOUS POCKETS.

So lovely to see you back in the blogosphere and I hope Bea continues to have loooooooong naps so that you can unleash more genius like this! x

Melissa said...

Love the skirt! You did a fabulous job on it. The material is just perfect!

Sharon said...

That's really gorgeous! Love it! Really love the pockets too. I HATE stupid little pockets LOL! I want a skirt like this :-)

Jane said...

Found you via Skirt Week Flickr pool - that's just an awesome skirt, had to stop and say so :)