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Sunday, 29 April 2007

A Kiri Story

I'd always been planning to knit Kiri [pdf]. Two years ago, when I went on an extended Europe trip, I brought along a bunch of Knitpicks laceweight, and pasted the pattern inside my Moleskine. I never did knit it, though, I instead spent the entire time knitting one of my kool-aid socks.

Fast forward to two and a half weeks ago. I'd swapped two balls of Debbie Bliss Cotton Angora for a green variegated yarn that had been purchased in Bulgaria. (75% wool, 25% acrylic) First I tried it on size 7s (4.5mm), but it came out way too stiff and nasty, so I switched to size 8s (5mm, Knitpicks Options). Then I knit the damn thing for two and a half weeks straight.

It looked like this at the two week point:

kiri in-progress

Before blocking, it made really cute "mountains":

kiri mountains

Last night I blocked it:

kiri blocking

And today it was dried and ready to wear!

Kiri side

Kiri back

Huzzah! If only all FOs were as quick and as painless. :)


puck said...

oh yay. i love the trees, and look at you!

you model in a way very similar to another of my friends, which is rather startling.

yay new blog!

i'll admit that "7s" and "8s" confused me at first ("75? she tried 75 what?").


Laura said...

Beautiful! Beautiful! Your Kiri came out wonderful and you are a beautiful lady. I'd like to say "girl" because you look so young and pretty but I'll say Lady. :)

Nice dress too! I miss my dress wearing days. *sigh* Just popped in as I was browsing through the Sockapalooza4 participant list!

Anonymous said...

looks beautiful!
Aren't you a cutie. I will have much fun fun fun knitting you some socks!

Anonymous said...

hi frog princess!
Your kiri looks marvellous!

by the way - I am knitting you some socks!


thomasina said...

Looking good! You might want to wear that today! It's a lovely day so I think we'll be knitting in the pub garden, but it's quite breezy out!

jen said...

Beautiful Kiri! Wow, looks like spring has arrived where you are.

Abby said...

I popped over from Sockapalooza.
Gorgeous shawl! And it suits you well.