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Tuesday, 28 August 2007


I got back from my holiday to Spain on Sunday, but decided to wait until I was awake enough (the Spanish never sleep!) to properly acknowledge and post about my Sockapalooza package!

We'll take the story back a week, wherein I had been biting my fingernails, hoping that some idiot postman hadn't ditched my package in a canal, but presuming it had just gotten slowed down in the myriad postal strikes. I called my husband one evening, who was pleased to report that he'd picked up my package from the depot. Immediately I pounced with questions - "did it come from the states?" yes... actually Canada "really? because I saw this one pair of knee-high socks on a blog... is it from Nova Scotia?" er.. is that what NS stands for? then yes!

That's when I was pretty damn certain I knew which socks I was getting - I'd been scanning the KnitPligg for days after my pal said she'd sent them out. Hee!

And I was right! My gorgeous socks were knit by the incredibly talented and generous Valerie, who was fantastic at keeping in touch and sent me a cute little poll about my calf size. I told her she was welcome to knit me knee-high socks if she dared... and lo and behold! :D

Wow! Sockapaloozied!

I can't wait to wear these to school in the winter, when I have to stand outside while the kids have outdoor time.

I also got a bevy of other fun things, all wrapped in paper to match the socks. Awww. :)

The snail thingy is soap, strange HIYA mints (which on the back are called "cinnamon conversation pieces"), fun stickers, a mini sweater keychain, a SNB journal (coooool, and exactly the same size as my Moleskein, for easy transport) and lil pink ribbon which makes me wish I has a sproglet to knit for!

Phew! Thanks!


jacicita said...

Dude, those are *gorgeous*!

Sadly, this is the first time it occurred to me that if I want knee-high socks that'll stay up I *could* just knit them myself. Am so not smart. Am probably not that ambitious either, but! The potential is exciting!

Valerie said...

I'm so glad they fit! I had a real panic moment after I washed them. Even though I measured and measured, I was convinced that somehow they were all of a sudden the wrong size. hee.

renita said...

those are beautiful (sorry to spam you, i'm just working my way through all these posts)

do you know the name of the pattern?

the frog princess said...

Renita- Clessidra, from knitty.