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Sunday, 2 September 2007

I'm awake! I'm really behind on blogging! Can I blame Ravelry?

Remember the Jaywalkers from the angst post? I finished Sock One. Purdy, eh?

jaywalker sock

It's the best-fitting sock I've ever worn... which means I should finish it!


When I was in Spain, I finished off the first mini-Pomatomus. (Toe-up, as usual, with limited colourful koigu hence the contrast heels and toes!) I am quite pleased with it! The second one is near to finished - such a fast, well written pattern!

poma side


Finally, there's the big crazy project (well, not that big, but it feels that way), the snood!

I want to claim the name Tracery Snood as a pattern name, before anyone else jumps on it! *shifty eyes* I'll be posting this pattern free, once I actually finish it. It's a bit tiring because it's lace every row in the round, but I love working with the Artesano Alpaca. Yum!

Alpaca snood in progress

I want it to be just above shoulder-length when pulled down by my mass-o-hair, so while I've still got a ways to go, soon I get the fun of writing a lace pattern for the bottom. Eek!


Emma said...

Love both socks. Hurry up and finishe them--it'll feel so good to get it done.

Alice said...

love the mini pom! The colourway looks like fire!