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Wednesday, 19 September 2007

Well, first off, finished socks!

Pomas frontPomas finished!

I'm wearing them today, and they are very comfortable. I think I need to knit more socks simply because then I can go longer between handwashings!

Also, tonight I finished the Tracery Snood, which was both a tale of happiness and of woe.

Happy, because I designed the lace decreases myself and came out with a very appealing star pattern. Woe, because the thing is a bit too big and makes me look like I'm wearing a giant purple sock on my head. And I'll have to rip it back. (Or maybe I'm just wearing it wrong? Either way, A. didn't like it. Of course, he's not a knitter and has never seen a snood before. What do YOU think?)


I apologise for the bathroom mirror pic, but it just HAD to be blogged!


Felix said...

I think it's beautiful. It is quite long but then you have a tonne of delicious, ringletted tresses and you don't want to bunch them up too much. I think it's the perfect length for you. I like the snood and I think it looks gorgeous, bathroom mirror shot and all.

Mark has learned to accept the green calorimetry as a part of me. Maybe A. needs to do the same with the snood? All your knitting girlfriends will approve, I'm certain!


Felix said...


those socks are totally amazing. They look like little red/pink footlove.


Helen said...

Congrats on beating those decreases into submission! I think it looks great :)

Bec said...

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