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Wednesday, 10 October 2007

sick day stitchin'

leftovers closeup

Well, I'm not really sick, just bloomin' fatigued! I was off work yesterday and did nothing but lay on the couch attempting to relax and sleep. Went to the doc today and she said it's probably just some crazy tired-making virus that I picked up from the kids. So I'm home again today, this time watching telly and working on my Leftovers vest. (Tho the crazy UK kids would call it a tank top.)

Of course, I'm doing it in aran weight singly-ply wools*, so I'm going to completely have to recalculate the neck and armholes. Maths for the win!

leftovers drawing

This is the (heavily modified in photoshop to reflect colour changes) sketch I did of it in my notebook before I started.

leftovers vest / tank top

In progress! The measurements were running a bit small, so I tired it on a few minutes ago, and it's perfect. Hooray for negative ease!

And here's your bonus photo today, taken a week and a half ago in London:

knitting advert

* The teal is probably Manos del Uruguay but was without a label, the purple is Debbie Bliss Maya, the dark blue is lamb's pride, and the black is, I think, Peace Fleece.


Valerie said...

I love the colours of your vest. And that picture is a hoot!

Christabel said...

LOVE that poster. Nice vest!