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Sunday, 7 October 2007

Last weekend I was going into London and decided to take a small, easy project with me. Three hours later, and I was finished! Calorimetry is an awesome pattern - and fast!

calorimetry II

That's two strands held together - one of debbie bliss alpaca silk that I got in a swap, and one of felted tweed left over from Salina.

Then with the rest of the alpaca silk, I made another Innocent hat:
innocent hat # ??

Have you noticed lately that I've got these lovely light-infused photos? Well, with a few handy dandy art materials and a really bright lamp, you can too!

I can't remember where I first saw the instructions for it, but it's pretty simple:

cat inna lightbox!

(It fascinated my cat, and I couldn't get her out of the photo.)

Find a box (mine could be bigger, but is OK for small things), cut out the top and cut holes in three of the sides. Tape tracing paper over the top and two of the sides. Drape a large sheet of bright white paper from the top back to the front floor. (mine is two pieces) Take a lamp and shine it in the top. (That's my sunlamp - sun spectrum, which is handy.) Voila!

(Or you can go here for a tutorial with photographs.)

I don't know if this is common, but I still have to do some levels-tweaking in photoshop to white out the background. Oh well. Still great results!

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Emma said...

Awesome lightbox. The photos look great!