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Thursday, 3 January 2008

is this thing on?

OK, see? Sorry about the whole not-blogging thing. I can blame it on NaKniSweMo, because I was knitting ALL the time, and because it's boring to be like "here's yet another picture of a boring green sweater in progress. Of course, said sweater turned out to be way too big and needed to be frogged and re-knit anyhow. More on that when I finally finish it in a few days.

Then there was Christmas knitting, which I also couldn't blog about, because the recipient, my partner A, might find out. I wasn't having none of that!

What did he receive, you might ask now that Christmas is done and gone?


We welcome our Dalek overlords.

Knit from the extremely well-written and easy to follow Extermaknit pattern.

I made the following changes:
* Made smaller, 3-stitch bobbles
* Did vertical striping in all stockinette, instead of 1x1 rib
* Eliminated extra rows of main body colour between the vertical stripes and the horizontal stripes.
* Added an odd combination of slipped stitches and stranded work to add vertical vent lines to the horizontal stripes
* Used beads instead of bobbles at the top of the head

A full body shot...

We are the Daleks

At Christmas I also made a pair of handwarmers for my sister-in-law, using the deservedly popular Fetching pattern. You can see a gusseted thumb there: she has really big joints due to childhood arthritis, so I added 12 extra stitches for thumb room. :)


Finally, my Christmas booty. The big surprise was this:


which my parent picked up in Alaska! This will probably become a hat for A, who is cold but doesn't like itchy wooly things.

I also got a Bosworth mini spindle

new spindle

and some lovely Spunky Eclectic BFL roving

spunky eclectic BFL

and now I just need to learn to spin. Hrm. (I've heard that these spindles are hard to learn on, but I will persevere. Oh yes.)

I should finish Tangled Yoke very soon, so more then!


jacicita said...

So much awesome! I want to knit a dalek, but then I am afraid of going down the road of softie crafting. It looks v v dangerous for me.

Also omg qiviut!

I also fear spinning :)

(omg the word Blogger wants me to type to prove that i am human is rilly long.)

Kirsty said...

The Dalek is teh awsomeness!
Oooh, and hurrah for Christmas goodies...

Felix said...

The Dalek is truly awesome.
I'm also very excited to see what happens with your Buffalo yarn hat kit!

renita said...

OMG. the qiviut stuff looks AWESOME! I have major fiber envy!

The dalek is super cute.