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Sunday, 10 February 2008

my friend flicca

If only the horses had been down at our end of port meadow today, the title would've been perfect. As it is, the sweater-coat is perfect! I knit a size smaller than the pattern told me to, because I don't like a baggy fit - I made the 40" finished bust size (to fit 36-38" bust) to fit my 39.5" bust.


I also changed the sleeves dramatically, opting for a 1x1 rib for the majority for the circumference, but following the 3x1 to 2x1 to 1x1 rib pattern for the three centremost ribs.


Finally, I added these big wooden buttons because belted jumpers and I don't get along. I love the button holes I used, the three-row vertical (although horizontal) buttonhole on this page.


I've been working on Flicca since October and put it away to do NaKnitSweMo - which was the disaster that never ended - so it's grand to have this done!


jacicita said...

Dwd! It looks awesome! It *is* unfortunate that the ponies weren't there to pose with you this time, though :)

Helen said...

Ellen, that looks fantastic! And it fits you so well. Very inspiring!

Emma said...

It looks amazing. Congratulations!

Felix said...

That's WICKED!

I'm well impressed and it fits PERFECTLY!

Will you be modelling it on Wednesday???

I can't wait to see it for real!!!

Nitsa said...

it's so perfect :)

Steph said...

Love it! Love the colour, the fit, the buttons, everything! Too bad for the ponies, they don't know what they're missing!

Kirsty said...

Oooh, I missed this! It looks FAB! just in time for the cold snap...