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Thursday, 14 February 2008

small projects are fun!

Look, a project that only took me three evenings, how fantastic!


Belle Beret, free if you subcribe to the (free) online mag Cut Out + Keep. (I haven't found much other knitting content there, but I also haven't looked very hard!)

Of course, I made lots of mods.

- The wool is some unknown DK from a charity shop

- Knit 10 rows at the base instead of 8

- Used 2 wraps instead of three to reduce the size of the dropped loops (except on the first row, I was seeing how it looked and was too lazy to pull it out again.)

- Knit four repeats of the 180 stitch section instead of three

- Knit two repeats (instead of one) of both the 150 stitch and 120 stitch sections

- Ignored the bit about repeating from the asterisk as I was running out of yarn! Instead, repeated the three rows: 1. wrap, 2. dropped loops 3. k2tog all the way around.

I also had fun taking photos in the moody foggy cemetery, but I won't torture you with a zillion of those. Just one.



renita said...

oh wow! your hair has gotten so long and beautiful!!!

the hat is nice too ;)

Felix said...

I have very nearly finished a pair of fingerless mitts myself!

It was so refreshing after the endless black hole of Tatami, so I expect it's the same for you with Belle after the illustrious flicca!


Steph said...

Oh, it's so lovely! (And look at your HAIR!)