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Thursday, 21 February 2008

make sure al gore don't cry

The whole Al Gore thing is my husband's fault, his is very adamant about shutting off the lights and turning down the heat so that we don't make Al Gore cry.

Well, I had 10 balls of lime green cotton burning a guilty consumer's hole in my stash, so what better way to use it than an eco string bag?


Of course, I only used a ball and a half, so there might be a LOT more of these. (I'll do them in different patterns, though, so that I don't die from the boredom.

Pattern: Elisa's Nest Tote, with the bottom from the Everlasting Bagstopper. (Both free!)


Oh, and I did the top a tad differently: my i-cord bind off goes all the way around, then separate i-cord handles were sewn on.


Felix said...

Wow that's AWESOME!
I am loving the string bag. They are so great for carrying vegetables in, and I love the way they mould around whatever is placed inside them.
The lime green looks gorgeous.
Eco-friendly AND perfect for carrying vegetables!

Steph said...

Totally awesome. I am in awe. :)