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Tuesday, 26 February 2008

tiny dancer

When the Teeny Project Runway contest was announced, I just knew I had to enter. After all, I had designed stuffed animals at one point, I had a rubbermaid tub full of them, and gosh darnit, it wouldn't be that bad to be Famous On The Internet while I was at it. :)

So I went and dug through the toy box ans came out with one of the flip flops, an elephant. I knew right away I wanted to give her a 50s style skirt with a flirty petticoat. The skirt is Cascade 220 left over from Forecast, and the kidsilk haze in the rufle is from the Bluestockings stash swap. The vest is artesano alpaca (from the snood) and the shoes are leftover black acrylic from the dalek.

teeny project runway

In all, I'm pretty pleased. :D


Felix said...

I love how you did this! It looks great in the green and purple and the stitch patterns look really gorgeous.

It's so much fun looking through all the entries!

Best of luck with Internet Fame!!!

Kirsty said...

Nice work, lady!
Is that a home-made lightbox I spy?