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Tuesday, 25 March 2008

I may have not managed to post about my most recent FO, but I will produce a Messy Tuesday post!

My home is less-than-perfect, to be sure. Sometimes it's real mess like last week, and sometimes it's comfortable, cluttery mess like this:

messy tuesday march 25

our mantlepiece. I think it rather reflects our personalities, right down to trying to get a doomed orchid to grow. :)

Speaking of FOs, here it is:

Photo 125

photographed from the little camera on the iMac, because it's been so bloody cold and gross over the past week.

The pattern is the Flower Basket Shawl from Interweave Knits Fall 2004. Ravelry link. I knit it in one skein of Cascade Eco Wool which my mum brought me from the US. Lovely stuff, I'll have to get my hands on some more. :D

Photo 135Photo 113

I'll end with a most flattering picture drawn of me today by a student. Make note, I'm wearing Flicca!




What is it with orchids? All mine do that too.

Felix said...

I love the way you annotate the mess in your Messy Tuesday posts!

It is so great.

Your shawl is also gorgeous!

Speak soon

jacicita said...

I so very nearly bought that calendar off of Etsy!

And gorgeous shawl! I am thisclose to ordering some ecowool so as to jump on the Hemlock Ring bandwagon.