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Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Messy Tuesday has been interrupted for a few weeks by a few important things. Most important is the end of my Montessori teacher training course (a year and a half in the making) in just a couple weeks' time. This means crazy amount of exams, which my belly is already in flip-flop tumbles about! I have been spending a lot of time revising (studying for you USians, although I suppose Harry Potter made us all learn about revising), several or more hours a day. Look! I even have a crazy revision schedule, plus all the "Montessori Theory" terms I should know how to define!

Nevermind that that doesn't include the child development stuff I need to know, or the materials stuff for the practical exams. Oy vey.

I sat outside in the sunshine today, surrounded by index cards, trying to collate the same information I put into essays oh so long ago into easily digestible tidbits of information. I've got a hefty binder with the Montessori Theory text in it, plus notes, more notebooks, and the index cards, which I had to put in an untidy pile under my plate to keep them from blowing away.

The garden is out of sun now, so I'll be inside... booo...

Remind me to have a big party when this is all over, yes?

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