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Sunday, 5 October 2008


It's once again autumn weather here (not that it was ever really hot this summer) and the nesting urge has kicked in once again! Yesterday my friend H came over, and we baked bagels, which I've wanted to do ever since I bought the King Arthur Flour Cookbook years ago. (I also want to make the crumpets, but that'll be for another day...)

homemade bagels

bagel and lox and quark cheese

The bagels were good, and not difficult to make at all! I thnk they needed a little sumthin' more, so next time I will try this recipe, which has malt in. Yum.


In knitting news, I have finally finished Bottoms Up!, which was supposed to be my Ravelympics project - knit entirely during the Olympics. And now that it's too cold to wear it alone, I've finished it! Ah well, there's always cardis and next summer...

bottoms up

I really enjoyed both this pattern (by Alice Bell), and the yarn (Chelsea by Lily Chin. I'm also really pleased that it's not see-though and I dont have to wear anything underneath it. All the better for that warm weather!

bottoms upbottoms up


I have also whippe dout a few more Innocent Smoothie hats, so send off with last year's batch, which never quite made it out the door. (oops)

These are fun ways to try out new techniques and colour combinations. :)

innocent hats


Oh, and one more thing! If you read this blog in a reader, you should click through and see my new header! It's what I envisaged all along, so it's lovely to have it done.


Felix said...

The new header is truly amazing! I love it! I love the frog and the unravelling yarn... a genius and immediate illustration of 'The Frog Princess' or Princess of Frogging.

Your bottoms-up is totally gorgeous and I love the rainy photoshoot with clear umbrella.

Smoothie hats are very sweet also xxx

See you soon

Emma said...

I noticed the new header! It looks great, as does the finished sweater. Congratulations!

jacicita said...

This is all fabulous!

Anonymous said...

Both the header and the sweater are things made of high-quality awesome.

Lara said...

Love the header. Bottoms up looks great - so flattering. I love it. Also I've been meaning to make bagels for ages but recently my latest obsession is crumpets! Maybe when I'm back in Oxford we could make crumpets together? xxx

Liz said...

Great new header - I spotted the drawing on flickr a bit back and wondered what it was for.

Sharon said...

Love the header - very cute! The bagels look nice. Crumpets are great fun to make - time we made some for toasting on the fire now it's getting colder.

Steph said...

I cannot decide which is more awesome: the header, the sweater, or the bagels! (They all look amazing!)