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Saturday, 16 June 2007

Life came over and swamped me something horrible last week. Doesn't matter, still knitting.

Of course, I frogged the start of my Sockapalooza sock, and started a different pattern that works much better. More on that when I get some photos done. :)

I also finished the first of the Opal Feeling Jaywalkers. (Fits like a dream!)
No photos of that, either.

What've I got, then?

Lots and lots of small hats.

innocent hat one (chullo) innocent hat two inncent hat three (beret) innocent hat four innocent hat five

Which are all for Innocent Smoothies' Supergran charity drive for Age Concern and are sold on top of the bottles. :)

I have already knit one more since I photographed these this afternoon. So quick and easy! (Well, except for the chullo, that was a PITA!)


thomasina said...

You;ve been busy! - so cute.

socky sock pal said...

Love the wee hats. Can you make me one like the green beret? Or not.. I have a big head.

tania said...

I'm sorry to hear that you've had a rough week...I hope everything is okay--

Isn't it a relief to have the knitting? Hang in there... ^__^

The tiny hats are darling!!