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Monday, 28 May 2007

crying on the inside

I haven't wanted to admit this even to myself, but I messed up a sock. Not only did I mess it up, but I chose to ignore the mistake, and went on to create the most beautiful japanese short-row-heel. And then? I messed up again! I have fought with myself all weekend... it's only a tiny error! It won't affect their wearability! I'll have to rip out that beautiful bloody heel!

toe up sock heel with added gusset

Here are the two heel sides

toe up sock heel with added gusset - with notes

I've noted everything here - the serious issue is on the right, where my gusset increases got all mixed up with the Jaywalker pattern increases, drifting the line into the instep of the sock and creating serious puckerage. Oops. Next time I'll use a stitch marker to separate the two. :P

And when I pull it out, I'll be back where I was last Wednesday:

sock as it stands


Anonymous said...

I hate it when that happens, though when they're for me, I ususally just suck it up and leave the mistake. For a gift though, that gets ri-i-i-i-ipped! :(

secrety sock pal

ps I have the yarn for your socks now! Knitting commences tonight.

tania said...

but it's going to look SO good when you're done!! ^__^