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Saturday, 21 March 2009

We apologise for the interruption

Oh, so I have been crafting this last month or two, and I've plenty enugh to blog about, but I've also been buying a house and moving into it! It's the ultimate DIY and crafting project! But none of that, yet.

Spinning first.

I borrowed a friend's spinning wheel while she went off on a long holiday to the southern hemisphere, and while I wasn't moving, I came up with some stuff.

First, an attempt at woolen-style spinning, complete with handfashioning "rolags" and such. It came out incredibly squishy, if not actually that even. But who cares? Squishy wins.


It's a 2-ply in Merino which I bought in Seattle, 5 ounces or so. Nice colours mixed into it.


Second, a hand-dyed number. I took Supercook food dye and Lemonade flavour Kool-Aid and a Lot of tea, and dyes 100g of Bluefaced Leicester to look like this.

dyed woolz

And then spun it up as a 3-ply.


I'm very happy with both! The first is going to a friend and the second is going to be slippers, I think.


Felix said...

your handspun is beauteous.

Anonymous said...

Oh, pretty!