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Monday, 9 February 2009

T-shirt quilt - finished!

If I had more energy, I'd have an artful shot of it draped around me or something, but I'm lazy, and our chip wall paper (as a backdrop) isn't very attractive.

So here it is, hurrah! All my favourite t-shirts of yore, carefully stowed for years and finally brought out to shine all together.

t-shirt quilt

You might notice that I've arranged the blocks in a sort of checker(draughts)board between white/light and black/deep coloured tees. I think it came out subtly enough, anyways I am pleased with the arrangement.

I knew I was either going to use fleece as the sole backing or the batting, as my quilt would be tied every 16 inches - I don't think any normal batting would stand up to that! Of course, I forgot to actually measure said quilt and said fleece, so it wasn't *quite* as wide as the quilt. Nevermind, I sorted it out with the binding.

t-shirt quilt binding

All in all, it's lovely and cozy and exactly the size of the top of a UK King/US Queen size bed, pretty impressive! The sashing fabric is shot cotton from the Rowan Kaffe Fassett line, and the binding is something random which was cheaper and happened to match. ;) If you'd like to know the meaning behind all the tees, click on this picture to take you to the flickr page, with notes!



jacicita said...

it's fantastic! maybe it will inspire me to get to work on mine. maybe. :)

Lara said...

It looks fabulous Ellen! Hurrah for finishing it!

Felix said...

You know how much I love this project.

I love the methodical way that you have gone about it, the attention to detail, the care at each stage.

The finished article is just gorgeous. I hope you are really proud of it! What a lovely, personally historic thing to have made and I like how you tagged all the t-shirts in flickr too!

Anonymous said...

Great idea, I've been meaning to do that myself.

Anonymous said...

I stumbled across your page while searching for "Frog Princess" graphics. The quilt is a brilliant idea! It looks great, too. I'm inspired to bring the idea to my craft bee when I move home in the fall.