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Friday, 5 June 2009

Little Things

I've got lots of little crafts from the past while that don't deserve their own posts, so I've saved them up for y'all.

My first felting project! I got a bag full of rainbow-coloured merino, and a bunch of white Cheviot ('cuz it's cheaper!) and did my best to turn them into felt sheets. They weren't really holding together, so I threw them in the drier for 20 minutes, and oh boy presto-change-o, beautiful thick felt... a bit thicker than I'd planned, but oh well! I sewed them together different than originally intended and got a great needle book anyways.


needle book outside

and Inside:

needle book inside

A pair of Jaywalkers, using the same shaping as my last pair, yet somehow coming out slightly bigger. (Oh well.)

Jaywalkers II

New buttons for Forecast, making it actually wearable:

new buttons

And a great charity-shop find!

weaving loom

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Liz said...

Wow that loom rocks - and does the label really say 50p?