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Friday, 5 June 2009

Shed Cake

A couple of weeks ago, it was requested of me that I make a cake in the shape of a shed as a surprise for a friend. Now... I've never made a layer cake and I've not got that much experience at cake decoration, especially with fondant. Oh well, I thought, what the hell...

Ok, I must admit, I cheated and used Betty Crocker for both the cake and the frosting, but I didn't want to have some crazy disaster because I'd chosen the wrong recipe. Also, Betty's cakes are pretty damn tasty.

So, two pans to start, and a pattern based on the size of the bread tin:

let us begin

A Stack of Cake, which was a bit wonkier than intended (the square cake didn't rise evenly), although of course once the fondant was on it didn't really matter. Much.


The Window Side. I ran out of green food colouring, it was really intended to look darker! The shed was coloured by marbling chocolate and white fondant.

shed cake

The Name Side. Complete with Roman numerals so as not to shock one when thinking about one's age.

shed cake

Fondant is a bit tricky to work with, and I'd definitely use a marzipan layer underneath next time to smooth it all out, but generally the decoration was fun!

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