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Saturday, 11 July 2009

swimming in gorgeous fleece

I swear I've been knitting (just boring stuff), but what I've really been doing is enjoying some of the most fabulous weather the UK has thrown at me since I moved here three years ago.

Also, last week I went to Devon on residential with 46 nine year olds. It was fun, but phew! Am I ever knackered. :)

As soon as we arrived at the farm, I noticed that there were two lovely alpacas. I got up the nerve to ask the farmer about the fleeces and he said he just gave them away to whomever wanted them! I am now the proud owner of five half-full bin bags of alpaca fleece from two lovelies named Inca and Aztec.

white alpaca fleecebrown alpaca fleece

I haven't checked in all of the bags (they are very dusty, having been in a barn for a year or two!) but I think I've got more of the brown than the white. I sense a jumper coming on...

Speaking of fleeces, I also bought a sheep's fleece at my guild's fleece sale in June. It's an enormous black Zwartbles. Just check out the crimp on this baby!

Zwartblews fleece

I just need to start washing all this, and get a wheel, and some carders...


kat said...

Whoa! That is a lot of fleece! V awesome about the alpaca!

Sharon said...

Wow - nice score on the alpaca!!