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Sunday, 19 July 2009

Half a Jumper

My frankensteinian combination of Tangled Yoke's gauge and shaping plus Salina's styling has resulted in a very nice torso hugger. (Of course it still needs the sleeves.)

half a jumper

For once the magic combination of gauge and size seems to have yielded the proper results. It's even long enough!

Some of my normal crafting tome has been taken up with the C+ program at school, where teaching assistants such as myself team up to teach on various topics. I chose to do textiles and dying and so ended up with scenes like this, a bathtub full of tie-dye in my lovely faux-pink-marble bath.

tie dye

Half of those are being dyed for the second time, hence the green. The results of this one were faboo, and the children were pleased, which is the best bit.

1 comment:

Helen said...

hey, the fit is great - it's going to be a lovely sweater! h x