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Thursday, 20 August 2009

KnitPicks needle holder

Oh man, my KnitPicks (KnitPro in Europe) interchangeable needle collection was getting a bit out of hand; all stuffed into one bag, I was forever having to stick every needle into the sizer every time I began a new project. What a pain. I was never interested in the cases that KnitPicks sells - they always seemed a bit klugdy or wouldn't suit my lifestyle. (I'm a bit tough on things, they need to be sturdy!)

I started this project in March or so and would've been done a lot quicker if I had a fabric pen. For some reason I thought a decent solution to needing the needle sizes on the case was embroidery. Yep. Of both US and metric sizes. Hmmm.

Well, at least the embroidery looks halfway decent. :D

needle tidy - unzipped

This is the needle tip section shown with the zip open. I chose zips because when I am throwing this case in my bag the needles won't fall out.

I needed a pouch on the other side to hold the end disks, the needle keys, and the needle sizer. On my recent trip to America, I got this savvy bag on the aeroplane, which I cut up and turned into a pouch. I kept the plastic double layered for extra durability, which means the see-through properties are mostly lost, but damn do I love the pattern.

virgin bag for pouch

The central section is a four-pocket pouch for non-interchangeable circulars and for the cables.

circulars pouch

I very nearly made a separate pouch for each circular needle but it seemed like too much trouble.

Here's the whole case sewn up. I found the crazy upholstery fabric in an old rented house. (It didn't match any of the furniture.)

needle case

The left side featuring the needle tips.

needle side

And the right side with the notions pouch.

notions side

Hopefully this will help me keep track of all my bits. Leading to greater efficiency and more knitting...?


Liz said...

Fabulous pouch. Sadly I don't think BA will be giving out anything quite so snazzy when we fly with them tomorrow.

ruthcrafts said...

Great pouch! I've ended up with one for my straights, and a whole other one for my circs :)

jacicita said...

Very slick! I have had fabric to make something similar for, like, a year now. Craft fail. Though I have still managed to keep my tips more or less in their slots on both sets, so the situation is less desperate :)

Sharon said...

That's awesome! I need to make something for my knitpro set too. I'm not liking the plastic excuse for a case which came with my set!