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Saturday, 29 August 2009

a quilt for baby rachel

rachel's quilt front

A quilt for a baby who happened to be born before I got the quilt finished, but ah well, she's only three weeks old, she won't notice the difference.

I based it on the Amy Butler pattern Thea's Puzzle quilt (pic) (free pdf), but when I looked at the instructions, I realised that it was more of a string quilt, and I wanted more control over where the colours went.

So I turned to the idea of a string quilt crazy nine patch mashup.

I had my fabrics,

quilt fabrics

and to make certain it would work they way I wanted it to, I made a paper mock-up.


That's making a cut then taking the left side fabric from the bottom to the top, after each cut. Following the cut I'll stitch each layer then cut again.

So here's cut number one. The blue fabric was on top, but after I made the cut, I moved the left side fabric (currently purple) from the bottom to the top.

fist cut

Here it is after the fourth cut. I kinda forgot to take pictures of those other cuts, but if you look at the paper diagram you should get the idea.

four cuts

After I sewed all those, time passed. I'd originally planned to sash with the purple, but I decided to include it in the blocks instead, so I got the spotty olives-with-pimentos type one and did the border in purple instead.

More time passed, until earlier this week, when I quilted the whole darn thing, having finally got a walking foot. I'd wanted to stitch in the ditch, but also pressed my seams open instead of to the side, so they got outlined instead.

Then I bound it. I followed these tutorials with pretty much 100% success.

I just love that lime green and purple combination.


And here's the back. That's all folks!

rachel's quilt back

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Emilie said...

yaye it's finished! looks awesome. :)