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Thursday, 10 September 2009

Deja Vu

Salina mashup side

What, this old thing? Yeah, I totally finished it.

Is that thing on?

Salina mashup back

The vital stats, for those who missed them:

This project is a reknit of the Salina sweater which I knit a few years ago.

I ripped out the whole sweater reknit it - not only at a smaller size, but also with major modifications.

Shaping: I am using the gauge and body shaping of Tangled Yoke.

Styling: I am using Salina’s styling at the collar, hem, and sleeves with some modifications.

Collar modifications:

*Moss st 26 stitches on either side of the neck placket. (To balance out being a larger size and a smaller gauge.)

*Three-needle bind off at shoulders. (Left all the stitches live save the middle/neck set.)

*Six short-rows at the back neck to help the collar roll over.

Sleeve modifications:

*Sleeves are knit from the top down, as per instructions in Wendy Bernard’s Custom Knits

*Sleeves are knit to full length

*Cuffs are knit as part of sleeve and not done separately. Cuffs do not fold over.

I'm ready for my closeup


Anonymous said...

It looks great on you! I love the feminine buttons on an otherwise pretty neutral sweater.

Anonymous said...

Wow, that's so lovely! The mods you made are great - I like the way you've done the sleeves in particular, it fits you perfectly. Ready just in time for autumn as well.... great timing :)