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Tuesday, 22 September 2009


We interrupt your irregularly scheduled crafting content for a little illustration.

I've started a project to send out lots of birthday cards this year. August was a bit of a dry month, but late September is picking up and I've got loads in the queue to send out. Thus, I'll start with what's already gone to the recipients!

You might notice that I've got a *bit* of a magpie thing going on. I don't know where it came from, but I love them both for their graphic qualities and their mythos.

It all started last winter when I sent this card to a friend:


That's the Mr. Magpie of mythos. You're meant to salute a magpie if you see it on its own.

This was another birthday card, once the project was actually started.


Then I took a break and made a large painting which really only started out as a card, but turned out A3 size. This was a wedding gift, and titled with a line from the poem about magpies, "Two for Joy".


Finally, this was another birthday card, but it hasn't been delivered yet. Thankfully the recipient doesn't know it's coming, so it doesn't matter if it's late?


Next time there's ones without magpies. Promise!

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