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Sunday, 14 February 2010

Olympic Fever!

It's been two days since the beginning of the Knitting Olympics (also the Ravelympics), and I've been knitting like crazy to get a good head start on a pullover for my husband. Knitting for boys is easy, since they're just long tubes. Thus, I have a short tube which I felt was maybe a bit boring to show off.

Instead, you can (finally!) have a look at one of my Christmas crafts. I discovered the art of thread sketching and decided to have a go at it for Christmas gifts. (There are more of these where this one came from, but I can't show them yet.)

Of course, it's another magpie. :)


I know it's not black and white... I felt it wouldn't have enough depth or character if I used a black fabric for the contrast, so I used most of the rest of my Kaffe Fassett shot cotton, which has lovely colour-shifting qualities. I stuck it to unbleached cotton using Wonder Under, which worked beautifully.

Here's a bit of detail of the head. It was fun to make!

magpie neck detail

I made another thread sketchup recently for Liz's birthday. She likes owls, so I thought, why not an O RLY? owl?

You can see the finished project in the mosaic here.

Finally, I am pleased and flattered to have been declared the winner of the Snowcase Contest.

Hey look ma, there was a point to dressing up and making a fool of myself on my blog! Now, I don't mind winning to be sure, but I wish some more of you out there had decided to make fools of yourselves show off all your handknits as well! Warmth loves company! :D

Anyways, many thanks to Felix for running yet another fabulous contest! :)


Felix said...

You totally deserved to win for the incredible layering skillz but I was really impressed with the collective WOOLFACTOR evidenced in the entries!

Sharon said...

Wow - I LOVE the magpie. It's fantastic!