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Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Just keep going...

I'm still knitting like crazy, trying to get ahead in my half-term week off. I estimated that I have to knit about 50 grams worth of yarn every day (about 110 yards, or half a skein of Cascade 220) and for the past two days I've come out well above that - 64 and 70 grams respectively. I've also estimated that I can knit 16 grams in an (uninterrupted) hour, so if I'm able to keep that pace for the duration of the sweater, it will take me approximately 44 hours in total.

Enough geekery, here it is in progress:

ravelympics sweater in progress

I'm looking forward to knitting more while I watch real, actual (on telly yes, but I mean not in a film) curling for the first time in my life! Hooray!


Petit Filoux said...

That is a LOT of knitting!!! You've never watched curling before? My boyfriend absolutely loves it so we watched it last night on the BBC - can't say it's my favourite thing to watch, much prefer things like the moguls (if we're talking winter olympics!) but it's still pretty cool! Good luck with the jumper! x

Mrs. Devaney said...

Hi Ellen,
Stumbled upon your blog while looking at needlework blogs- hope you are well - I loved seeing your latest projects - you may enjoy my college friend's blog:
Take care,
Aleta Devaney