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Saturday, 31 July 2010

Where I've Been

OK, I know I haven't been around a whole lot. What I can say? There's been a lot going on!

This Frog Princess is expecting her own little Froglet, come October. I was pretty much too tired to do anything for the first four months, and then my camera was broken, so it's been a while since I thought about blogging!

I've knitted the Froglet a baby blanket, of pretty much my own design, but incorporating leaf motifs. It's knitted in Contanini by Mirasol. I might overdye it, but other people seem to like the colour a lot. Hmmmm. Undecided. :)

Baby blanket

(And displayed on my favourite bush in the garden.)


tinebeest said...

Ooh it's pretty in daylight (instead of pub light). I like the colour as it is, but you're the one who'll have to look at it most, so why not dye it if you really don't feel the love?

Kirsty said...

I've just spotted this- congratulations! What lovely news!