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Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Clapotis (from handspun)

About a year ago, I spun up some gorgeous fibre that my friend Felix gave to me, and then in a last-minute snap-decision, decided to knit it into a Clapotis scarf. (Ostensibly for the Clap-o-tea at Knit Camp, but let's not talk about that...)


I knit two repeats of the increase rows, which was just enough to get me a decent-width scarf. I used 110g of my 115g ball, which was originally around 225 metres. The dropped stitches both allowed the yarn to shine really well, and forced me to have a good look at my uneven spinning. Oops.


But I still like it, and it'll be nice to have another scarf around; I generally hate knitting them, but this one only took four days!


Lara said...

Lovely colours! Beautiful blue tones. It makes me think I should reconsider a clapotis - I never got that far with mine!

tinebeest said...

I like this scarf a lot. Lovely colours, and I can't notice the uneven quality of your handspun on that photo.