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Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Freezer paper stencling

Today I am posting off my package for the Ravelry October 2010 mums swap. (I received mine the other day, full of such lovely things!)

I got to try out a technique which I've been dying to do for ages: freezer paper stencilling! I didn't get process photos, but here are the results:

freezer paper baby vests

I even liked the hedgehog so much that I made a second one for myself. It made bringing back all that freezer paper from America worth it, even if I did then discover you can get it here. :)


Liz said...

V. cool. What did you use for fabric paint?

Kat said...

You know what's funny? I've done a ton of fabric painting, and I've never actually used freezer paper stencils!

Also, SO CUTE.