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Tuesday, 24 August 2010

We Are Two Mariners

When I saw this fabric, I knew immediately that it should become a bag for Jaci, who is ever interested in all things seafaring. I bought the aqua green fabric at last year's NEC quilt show, picked out a pattern... and then did nothing to it. And then I got pregnant and tired and busy blah blah blah, you know how it goes? And finally, this summer, when I was ready to sew the bag (Lickety Split Bag), I found that I needed a full metre of fabric for both interior and exterior, not the meagre half-metre I'd bought.

Cue frantic searching on internet for more fabric. Cue finding out that Tula Pink is one of those crazy sought-after design lines that gets snapped up and hoarded. I was lucky enough, though, to find the same undersea-themed fabric in dark blue, and the coordinating chains-and-anchors fabric and two different UK vendors. *phew!*

OK, not the best photos ever, but here's the bag!

Mariner Bag

I fussy-cut the pockets because I wanted to show off the coolness of the fabric. You can see the lining in the first shot, too.

pocket + lining

fussy cut pocket

Happy birthday half a year late, Jaci!

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Anonymous said...

Awesome! Nautical and fascinating!!