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Monday, 30 August 2010

Bank Holiday Weekend

What I've been up to this bank holiday weekend: I started a massive mission to create a quilt for the child-to-be, something I dreamed up a while back. Since it will definitely be a floor quilt to start, it made sense to make a quilt that would be interesting to lie on and use. I thought about those car mats, whiere there are lots of roads and buildings and things to interact with, and went from there.

Here is my current rough plan:

car quilt plan

Not too many roads, no. My first plan was much more literal, an attempt to reflect our neighbourhood. This one's a bit looser, but still includes our house, one of the semi-detacheds in the middle bit. Each square represents 6 inches of quilt.

I finished the middle bit today, which is very pleasing, as it involved a lot of brain-rending piecing. I had to be extra careful, because I only had a fat quarter of the green-with-daises-and-snails. I made it with a small bit leftover spare. Phew!

Our neighbourhood - centre piece finished

Here are some other houses, plus a church, which I've completed for the project:

houses #1 and 2

house #3


I feel like I've completed the most difficult bit. Next up I'm going to create lots of road!


Sarah said...

That looks fantastic!

jacicita said...


Kat said...

Holy cow! That is amazing and makes my head explode!

Lara said...

That is fantastic - it looks brilliant.

tinebeest said...

Wow, that looks great! Baby will love it (if not, I'll have it, please!) :-)