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Thursday, 2 September 2010

Maternity Wrap Top

I made this top ages ago. It's a knockoff of an Isabella Oliver top by Megan Neilsen. Here's her post about it.) The pattern was free when I downloaded it, but it looks like it's $5 now.

Maternity Wrap Top

Anyways! I was determined to make this top, even though I'd never had success sewing with stretch fabrics in the past. I did my research, bought the right needles for my machine, and had a go. Good thing it worked, because the only place I could find 4-way stretch was John Lewis, and it was a bit spendy. (I have enough left over to make a pair or two of baby trousers though, so win!)

And here's a side shot of the bump. 35 weeks! And I totally need a haircut.

Bump, 35 weeks


Kat said...

Holy baby bump! I cannot believe you are due already!

Also, that top is THE cutest.

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous top! (And you made that - totally impressed!!)

You look beautiful!

Sarah said...

That looks fantastic!! Well done you! :-)

Lara said...

Whoot! Look at your bump! You look amazing and I love the top.

Felix said...

You do look totally amazing and the top - and the bump - are magnificent!