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Monday, 14 May 2007

Contains semi-knitting content

How happy was I to learn that Flickr had changed their formerly draconian policies regarding illustration and art on Flickr? Woo-bloody-hoo!

Two years ago, I wanted to send out an illustrated Christmas card, but had no idea what to do. At the Nth hour, I came up with the idea for a knitting theme, and a day later this was born:

Knit Xmas 2005

Yes, that's a semi-self portrait. ;)

Then the next year I moved overseas and got married, but I *still* wanted a knitting themed card, so much to my husband's chagrin, I thought this one up:

Knit Xmas 2006

It's actually a bit less slick than the previous years' card, but I don't care. (Eek! I should have gotten some reference for the hands!) Also notice the difference in hair length. :D

To round out the knitting illustration experience, I give you this:
which was done for CROQ magazine, illustrating an article about knitting for other people and how hard it can be. Hee!

What can you tell about me as a knitter from all of these illustrations? I knit Continental. :D


jacicita said...

I noticed the illustration stuff up on Flickr before I got here, and had wondered what was up! Awesomesauce :)

(Looking down, I am uncertain if I will be able to prove that I am human. Nope. Second try...)

pappardele said...

Thanks a lot for your comment on my retro sock, I will try less stitches and will see. Can´t wait to see yours :)