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Friday, 21 September 2007

stripey skirt

this is how happy my new skirt makes me

This is how happy my new skirt makes me.

The pattern is Burda 8954 (in the middle length), which I picked up years ago when my flatmate recommended it. Of course, she also said it had pockets - which it doesn't - although they could be added without too much trouble. (I didn't bother, this time.)

I figured out what the problem was with it coming out too big the first time": my sewing machine is set up so that the seam measurements on the presser plate are only accurate when the needle is in the "left" position, and not the "centre" one. Bad planning, Elna! I pulled back the seams about 8" then gradually decreased to the proper seam allowance, and I also re-set the zipper (much more poorly than the first time, bummer).

But still. Skirt! I would make this one again, for sure. :)

skirt, static


jacicita said...

super kyoot!

tania said...

I really need to get a sewing machine. Love it! ^__^

Nitsa said...


B. said...

I love that you have a picture of you jumping in it. Looks nice.


Kirsty said...

Yay skirt!
Boo stoopid seam allowance guide...

renita said...

The skirt is kewt, but truly the star of those pictures are the shoes!!! where did they come from?